New Construction Options
Find out information on new neighborhoods being built and explore information from local builders. Interested in any new construction developments? Interested in buying land and building on it with local builders? Just click on the "Contact Us" link in the website menu and request a free directory of new home sites in the areas you specify, be it Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Richmond, or any other area in the Central Virginia region. 

If you are considering new construction, it is beneficial for you to have a REALTOR represent you. It doesn't cost you any fees to have our knowledge and experience benefit you. What many people do not realize is that NEW HOME SITE SALES AGENTS REPRESENT THE BUILDER - NOT YOU, and OFTEN IS NOT A LICENSED REALTOR, BUT A SALARIED EMPLOYEE OF THE BUILDER. THUS, WHAT LICENSING RULES AND GUIDELINES THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED BY A REALTOR, DON´T PERTAIN TO THEM AND THAT PUTS YOU AT A FUTHER DISATVANTAGE. Their job is to sell what the builder offers and generate the greatest amount of profit for the builder as their goal. Their profit is your loss. Our job is to minimize their gain and shift that gain to your side by negotiating lower sales prices and free upgrades. We know what most builders will accept, other strategies to benefit you, and what is often included in a builder´s contract that can cost you money.

Our experienced buyer's agent services cost you no out of pocket expense. Our professional experience is your best investment

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Kevin Hoffmann Homes
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